Here are some websites of friends of Ban Dee Digital. Some of these guys update their blogs which gives some diverse insight to the local communities.

Temple Dogs

   Josette helps take care of the dogs at two temples in Pranburi, just south of Hua Hin. Josette keeps her News Blog up to date, so check out her site to see what the Temple Dogs are up to.


The Lord Webb

   A friendly Pub and Restaurant. AND they've got Draft Leo. Tui runs the kitchen, the bar and the pool table; while his Lordship manages himself on his preferred side of the bar. Robert sometimes updates the blog. Their menu's online, too.


Bangsaphan Property

   Buy or Rent property in the up and coming Bangsaphan area


Suay Vista Social Club

   Pub and restaurant with live music. Paul doesn't update his blog, but perhaps he'll start soon. Have a look. See what's going on.